Tiger Sheds

What are Tiger Sheds?

Tiger Sheds design, manufacture, and sell storage units. They have a huge range that includes wood and metal garden sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, and playhouses. They pride themselves on the quality of their products, and ensure that the customer gets the best possible product by using extra thick framework on their structures, provide high ceilings for extra comfort, and increased thickness of their cladding. They also used a custom four-way notch system in their joints to keep the wind out, and use pressure treated floor joists to stop any chance of deterioration due to water penetration.

What makes Tiger Sheds particularly appealing is that their manufacturing is in the UK. They have a large manufacturing unit in Leeds, and their products are delivered direct from this location (they offer free delivery which is fantastic). They are a fully online retailer, and you can see their entire range on their website www.tigersheds.com.

Product range

Tiger Sheds offer a large range of products from simple garden sheds to fantastic log cabins. See their range below:

General Garden Sheds

Value Overlap Apex Shed
Price from £180.49 (6x4ft)
Tiger Value Overlap Apex Shed

Hybrid Apex Shed
Price from £296.99 (6x4ft)
Tiger Hybrid Apex Shed

Overlap Double Masterstone Shed
Price £289.99 (7x3ft)
Overlap Double Masterstone

Tool and Bike Sheds

Pent Bike Store
Price from £199.49 (7x3ft)
Tiger Pent Bike Store

Overlap Tool Shed
Price £142.49 (3x3ft)
Overlap Tool Shed

Overlap Double Tool Shed
Price from £204.99 (5x3ft)
Overlap Double Toolshed

Workshop Sheds

Workman Apex Shed
Price from £699.99 (12x6ft)
Tiger Workman Apex

XL Heavyweight Workshop Shed
Price from £679.99 (12x6ft)
Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop Shed

Canberra Workshop Metal Shed
Price from £1032.99 (15x10ft)
Canberra Workshop Metal Shed


Elite Pressure-Treated Escape Summerhouse
Price from £1024.99 (6x8ft)
Elite Pressure Treated Escape

Penthouse Summerhouse
Price from £424.99 (6x6ft)
Penthouse Summerhouse

Corner Summerhouse
Price from £579.99 (6x6ft)
Corner Summerhouse


Wooden Garage
Price from £1469.99 (16x10ft)
Wooden Garage

Olympia Metal Garage
Price £1651.99 (20x12ft)
Olympia Metal Garage

Log Cabins

Siberian Log Cabin
Price from £1831.49 (8x12ft)
Siberian Log Cabin

The Sigma Log Cabin
Price from £3374.99 (8x12ft)
The Sigma Log Cabin

The Larka Log Cabin.jpg
Price from £2479.49 (16x10ft)
The Larka Log Cabin

There are many other options within the Tiger Shed range, including wooden playhouses, log and bin stores, BBQ shelters, hot tub rooms, and even pet houses (kennels, chicken runs, cat cabins etc.). The best way to see what Tiger Sheds have to offer is to check out their online catalogue for all of their high quality and UK build products.

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