Soundproofing doors and windows

When soundproofing in general you should try and fill any gaps to stop the sound from penetrating through doors and windows. It is best to use mastic to seal around door frames and windows frames.

Sound insulating doors

The best way to reduce noises from outside is to put solid draft proofing on all exterior doors and fit secondary double glazing and/or toughened glass to entrance or porch windows. You should draftproof interior and exterior doors to muffle sounds, and you can replace lightweight doors that may have hollow panels with more solid and substantial doors. These heavier doors will restrict the amount of sound that penetrates through the house in general.

Sound insulating windows

The first thing you should do to reduce noises that can come through windows is to replace any single glass windows with double glazing. Good soundproofing is needed to stop noises coming through the frames, but sound will still penetrate directly through the single glazed windows so these should be replaced. When double glazing there should be at least a 100mm gap between the individual panes of glass, because anything less will not restrict the sound waves sufficiently. Ideally, if you can you should go one step further and use triple glazing. Triple glazing includes a sealed unit and is optimum for both heat and soundproofing.

These are just some quick tips that should help reduce noise levels from outside or from neighbours. Triple glazing may cost a lot of money in some cases, but the effect of replacing single glazed windows in substantial.

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