Modular buildings

If you are looking for residential buildings you may be interested in reading our flat pack homes and kit houses page.

What are modular buildings?

Their name is pretty self explanatory. They are a type of prefabricated build that is made from several sections called modules, that can be fixed to each other either side-by-side, end-to-end, on top of each other, or a combination of all of these. Modular buildings are relatively quick and simple to construct, and are lifted into place using a crane and set down on the prepared foundations on-site. Once in place, the buildings are in effect the same as any other kind of building, and must comply with all local building codes for their intended us. They can be used for all types of buildings, including industrial units, school classrooms, military housing, and of course normal homes.


modular buildings

The sections of the building are normally constructed on assembly lines in large factories, where build time can take anywhere from just over a week to a few months (depending on the size and complexity of the modular components). Once the individual modules are complete they are placed on large flat-bed trailers and transported to their final location as fully assembled modules. Once the crane has lifted the modules off the truck and assembled them on-site they can be virtually indistinguishable from a normal site-built structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of modular buildings


  • Price – Modular buildings are generally cheaper than standard buildings.
  • Low waste – most designs are tried and tested, so the manufacturer knows exactly how much of each material to order and use for each plan. Waste from a normal build can be huge.
  • Environmentally friendly – reduced disturbance to the surrounding area during the build because it is all done in a factory, and waste is not dumped around the build area.
  • Flexible alterations – new modules can be add to increase the building size, and even completely new floors. This is a huge advantage for expanding a buildings floor capacity.
  • Quicker build time – high efficiency with tested modular designs means quick construction, and multiple modules can be constructed at any one time, also speeding up the process. Also, since all construction is done indoors, weather factors that often hold up normal builds are eliminated.


  • Transport – if the modules are particularly large there can be issues with transport to their final location, particular if these are fairly inaccessible places.
  • Size limitations – related to transportation, the sizes of the individual modules are limited. This means room sizes may not be as large as you would like.
  • Design and looks – Modular buildings can look simplistic and repeatable due to the same styled modules being attached to each other. However, more visually pleasing designs are available.
  • Where to get them from

    There are many companies that make and assemble modular buildings. We show some examples below, but you are recommended to do your own searches to ensure you find the right company for you.

    Eco Modular Living [Beverley, UK]
    Eco Modular Living offer many modular building solutions, including residential, student, hotels, commercial, and even garden office units. Images from

    Eco Modular Living Modular Building

    Eco Modular Living Modular Building

    Eco Modular Living Modular Building

    New Moy Homes [UK]
    New Moy Homes offer prefabricated, complete timber frame modular homes that they will fully complete within 4 weeks of arriving on-site where the building will be built. Image from

    New Moy Homes Modular

    Elliott [all over the UK]
    Elliott offer a huge range of building types, and we suggest you visit their website for more details. Their specialty tends to be larger commercial units. Images from

    Elliott Modular Buildings

    Elliott Modular Buildings

    Elliott Modular Buildings

    As a reminder, if you are looking for residential buildings you may be interested in reading our flat pack homes and kit houses page.

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