How to silicone around a bath – Properly!

How to silicone around a bath – Properly!

Here we show you how to silicone around a bath properly so that you get a perfect seal that will last a long time. The tutorial shows how to remove old sealant before applying the new sealant around the bath.

The tools needed to do this right are:
– Silicone Sealant.
– Silicone Gun.
– Fugi Grout Tool.
– Blade (Box cutter or Razer Blade).
– Silicone Remover (Liquid).
– Silicone Remover Tool.
– Methylated Spirit.
– Rubber Gloves.
– Rags or Paper Towels.

The general idea of this job is to fill all the gaps at the tub’s edges to ensure that water can’t get into places where it will create mold or damage. The old silicone can be removed easily with a blade and silicone remover. The new silicone goes on easily with a gun. The overall smoothness, straightness, and look of the silicone sealant will be based on how well you apply it and the quality of your materials.

The finished result should look like this:

How to silicone around a bath

Step 1: Removing the old silicone.

Part 1: Cutting out the bulk of the old silicone with the blade.

Use the blade to slice along the top and bottom of the edges. It doesn’t matter if your lines aren’t straight. The silicone will come off in pieces. You want to remove as much as possible. Don’t worry about the small stuff, you’ll get to that a little later. Discard old silicone. To save time you can just scoop the old silicone into the empty tub and discard it all at once later.

How to silicone around a bath

Part 2: Painting on the silicone sealant remover.

Paint the silicone remover (it should come in a bottle with the brush attached to the lid) along the edges in order for the chemicals to eat away the remaining silicone. Make sure you read the directions on the remover and wear gloves.

How to silicone around a bath

Let it set for 15 minutes.

Part 3: Removing the rest remaining old silicone with tool.

Use a silicone remover tool and disposable gloves to scrape away the rest of the old silicone. Remove whatever is left.

The tool looks like this:

How to silicone around a bath

Spray mold and mildew remover.

Leave for 3-4 minutes.

Use damp rag or paper towels to remove all excess old silicone. It’s important to get everything in order for the new silicone to work properly.

Use Methylated Spirit to clean the area. Apply the liquid to a rag or paper towels. Thoroughly clean area.

Note: The tub should be completely empty and very clean at this point.

Step 2: Applying the new silicone.

Part 1: Fill the tub with water. This is to apply weight to the tub.

Part 2: Here’s where you’ll want to have some practice using the gun. Follow the directions for using the gun.

Starting with the top edge, (edge behind the faucet) use the silicone gun to apply new silicone in a straight line from the corner to the center. You’ll use the trigger to release the silicone. You’ll be able to make short lines before having to squeeze the trigger again. This line you’re making is referred to as a “bead.”

How to silicone around a bath

Make sure to fill the entire gap. You want to ensure that no water can get into the gap.

Use the fugi tool to remove excess silicone in corners first. Use the fugi tool to remove excess silicone and too make a neat bead. Start from the edges and move towards the center. Read the directions for the tool. You should be able to create a smooth edge all the way across the edge with one sliding motion. You’ll remove quite a lot of the silicone in the process. Clean the fugi tool with a rag and discard the excess. Make the line as smooth as possible.

How to silicone around a bath

Part 3 & 4:

Do the same as Part 2, but this time at the bottom edge and the side edge.

Part 5:

Use the silicone gun to fill in any areas in need of more silicone. You may have taken away too much in the smoothing process.

Use the silicone remover tool to scrape away any silicone in unwanted areas. You may have gotten some silicone on the walls or at the bottom of the tub.

Let dry for at least 30 minutes.


How to silicone around a bath

From start to finish the process should only take a few hours. The most important part of the process is getting the right tools and materials. The cheaper the silicone the sooner it will mold and deteriorate. You’ll want good silicone if you want the job to last. Using the tools is about as difficult as putting icing onto a cake. As long as you thoroughly remove the old silicone, clean the grout, and focus on applying the new silicone neatly, you should have a nice waterproof edge job.

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