How to build a shed base or foundation

When constructing any sort of building in your garden it is always a good idea to put it on a solid foundation. If, for example, you are putting up a shed, if it is on an unstable base it can cause the shed to shift over time and can lead to the doors dropping out of square and this will mean it will be difficult to open and close the doors and will start to cause water leakage. This is the last thing you want if you have any electrical products or tools that can rust stored safely away in your shed. So, to avoid this potential issue you should lay down a solid base first, and below are 3 common techniques to do this.

Build your shed base or shed foundation

All methods start with Using pegs and string mark out an area for your base. A top tip is to measure the distance from one corner to the opposite corner. If both measurements match you will have a perfect square or rectangle.

Using a concrete base

1. Dig out a hole about 6 inches (150mm) deep, and then remove the guide pegs.
2. Put about 3 inches (75mm) of rubble (or hardcore, scalping) into the hole and compact down. Level it off with same if necessary.
3. Create a wooden frame and fix this around the inner perimeter of the hole.
4. Mix up some concrete (use can use bags of dry mixed concrete) and fill up the hole to the top. Make sure you push the concrete right into the corners of the hole and level if off.
5. Cover the concrete with sheets and allow to dry naturally. If it is very hot you may need to spray with water to avoid drying too quickly.

Using a paving slab base

1. Dig out a hole about 2.5 inches (63.5mm) deep, and then remove the guide pegs.
2. Put about 1.5 inches (40mm) mix of one part cement and one part sand into the hole and level it off.
3. Lay paving slabs on the cement/sand mix and tap them down with a rubber mallet. The top of the slabs should stand proud of the surrounding garden so that water will drain away easier.

Using a concrete or timber bearer base

1. Dig out a hole about 2 inches (50mm) deep and remove the guide pegs.
2. Put about 1.5 inches of soil or gravel into the hole and level off.
3. Space out the concrete of pressure treaded timber bearers on top to the soil or gravel. Use a rubber mallet to tap down the bearers so that they are completely level with each other. Bearers are just lengths of concrete or wood that the floor of your shed will sit on. For a 6×4 foot structure you will need about 4 equally spaced out bearers that are 4ft long.

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