Flat pack homes and kit houses

On the surface, flat pack homes (or kit houses) seem like a very logical choice for those planning on building their own houses. Potentially, they could end up costing you around 10%-20% less than a standard brick and mortar self build, which is todays market is a significant saving.

Kit houses are popular on the continent, with firms in Germany leading the way in both design and build. We have chosen a selection of flat pack home specialists along with example photographs of their designs to show you the potential of these properties.

Specialist flat pack design and manufacturing companies

Holz Meister
Holz Meister are actually located in the UK (Telford), but offer some fantastic German timber frame kit homes. Holz Meister have had many years in the industry, and they have a mission of building sustainable homes while minimising the overall impact on the environment. Examples of their builds are shown below (images from www.holzmeister.co.uk):

Holz Meister Flat Pack Home
Holz Meister Kit Houses

Hanse Haus
Hanse Haus has a state-of-the-art German factory with technicians that are highly experienced. They put a strong emphasis on high quality on both the exterior and interior. Examples of their builds are shown below (images from www.hanse-haus.co.uk):

Hanse Haus Flat Pack Homes
Hanse Haus Kit Homes

Scandinavian Home
Specialising in Swedish style homes, Scandinavian Home have a large choice of designs, and also do custom designs for their customers. Once the foundations are down they can have your house up and water tight within a week. Examples of their builds are shown below (images from www.scandinavianhomesltd.com):

Scandinavian Home Flat Pack
Scandinavian Home Flat Pack

Build Your Own Home have no affiliation with any of these companies so you should carefully check them out yourself before choosing a company for your flat pack home.

Essentials of a self build

There are however a few conditions that should be kept in mind when embarking on a flat pack self build job. You need to set yourself a budget at the very start, and then shop (for your kit home) within this budget. Also, you need a plot of land to build on just like you would with any build, and on this land their needs to be all the necessary planning permission. Flat pack homes tend to be more modern in appearance than standard houses, so it may be more tricky in some areas to obtain planning permission for a kit house.

Set your budget, and then some

This is very important, since a 1/4 of all builds go over budget. There are foundation costs, the raw materials and construction costs, the finishing costs, and the finance interest costs to name a few. It only takes something relatively small (e.g. the British weather) to increase the time of a self build, and while flat pack homes are less at risk than traditional builds, they can still easily overrun. The longer the job takes the more contractor costs can increase, and the more re-payment costs you need to pay (if you had intended to sell the property on after completion). To be safe, when setting a budget for a build, have an extra 10%-15% contingency fund, just in case. The chances are you’ll dip into this fund at some point.

Finding land for your flat pack home

There are a few sources that you can use to find a plot of land to build your kit home on. There are online websites such as www.plotfinder.net that lets you search for land. This website not only has land to buy, but also buildings with permission to convert, should that interest you? There are other sites, such as www.zoopla.co.uk that advertise land for sale. You don’t have to stick with online searches though, you can pop down to a local estate agents and see if they have and plots of land in the area that are ready for building on. Note, a useful thing to remember is that sometimes there are shabby buildings on land, and it may well be worth your while to buy the property with the intention of demolishing it and then putting up your kit house. You should always check the permissions though to make sure this is a viable option.

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