How to build your own house

Buying (or inheriting) a plot of land and embarking on the task to build your own house is a dream a lot of us share. But, as I am sure you all know, building a house yourself is no easy feat. There are many considerations to bear in mind, including finding and buying a plot of suitable land, building regulations, design, contractors and builders, timescales, and of course finance.

This website is here to help. We will address many topics such as how much does it cost to build a house?, and how to build a house as cheaply as possible. More articles related to building your own house will be added regularly, so that this website becomes the one stop source when you are looking to answer to question – how to build your own house? [Stay updated with new articles and guides by subscribing to our email list. Click here to get updates as soon as there is something new on the website.]

Build your own house and save £1000’s

Build Your Own HouseIt is true that there can be a great profit (or cost saving depending whether you are selling or living in the finished property) in building your own house, because the price of buying a plot of land and then hiring sub-contractors to build your house can be a lot cheaper than buying a finished pre-build property. While savings can be as much as 25% (that’s 50k on a 200k property), in reality things take longer than expected, the specifications are altered, and you end up breaking even at best. Read more about the (potential) cash benefits of buying a plot of land and building a house on it.

How much does it cost to build a house?

Putting a price on a self build is not simple, and there are many considerations that must be taken into account. A rough estimate for a plain and simple house that complies with all current building regulations will cost you approximately £90 per square foot and will take about 7 months. This would be if you got professional builders in to do the full build. See a more in-depth article entitled “how much does it cost to build a house” here.

Building a house as quickly as possible

Self Build Your HouseIf you want something up as quickly as possible then you will most likely be looking at a prefabricated (kit) house. These prefabricated houses are mostly prepared in workshops and are timber-framed. However, while the outer shell is put up very quickly when compared to a normal build, the tasks that really eat up time are ones that need doing whether you have a popup prefabricated house or a normal build. The major time killers when you build your own house are the finishing tasks, which included the wiring, plumbing, flooring, etc. So while you may save some time with a kit style house, it still won’t be an instant job. A more detailed article about prefabricated houses will follow soon. [If you join our email list we will let you know when new content is on the site – Click here to join our email list.

When the heart rules the brain

While we all probably think we are sensible rational people, sometimes we can’t help but to make things nice, even when slightly less aesthetic solutions will do. When designing and building your own house you will most likely end up expressing your own personality into the build, whether this be the general house plan, or then finishing details. So, what happens is that when we self build we tend to aim for a quality build rather than a cheap and cheerful build. This is true for whether you intend to live in your house or whether you intent to sell.

It makes sense to build a quality product that looks nice, because it’s good to have pride in what you do, and a house is something that stands proud for everyone to see, and it will also be around a lot longer than all of us. It’s a good idea to have more involvement during the whole building process if this is the case, and you should get a bit more understanding of what is happening during each stage of the build. The more you are involved the more you can control and help make the decisions that really put your fingerprint on the house. You’ll also appreciate and feel more accomplishment for doing so.

What you can expect from this website

This website will become the Mecca for those looking for information about building their own house in the UK. New content will be add all the time cover area such as regulations and legal issues, design, finance, finding and working with builders and contractors, as well as building guides and tutorials.

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